Crookedstane painting

I've kept coming back to this one and it had become a bit of an obsession to get it all right (in my view of course :-) ), but I think it's nearly ready for the outside world !

Southerness 'Starry Night'.

Still in progress, but I've been working on painting the view at night near Southerness lighthouse and across the Solway to Cumbria in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night series. I started with a notion of staying with Van Gogh's style but it went somewhere else ! The Milky Way rising from the horizon to the left of the lighthouse became the emanations from a volcano, and then became a dragon with its wings eventually connecting the stars in the sky with the rest of our galaxy. With apologies to the landscape purists ....

Birds on the wire.

I so loved these crows dancing like notes on a music sheet, that I was inspired to do my stuff. This print is approximately 20" x 40".

Scottish Pow

Two Scottish Pows ! Beyond Glasgow's Scottish Power building and distant Dumgoyne in the Campies, the Southern Highlands are white topped under a mantle of fresh snow. Winter is coming :-)

Spring flowers

When I was at the Annan Harbour Festival, a lovely couple were admiring my Spring Flowers picture and asked whether it'd be possible to have it four times larger than the 16"x20" print I had on display there. Having contacted a fine art printer to ask how much it would cost to produce a 32"x40" giclee onto 100% cotton canvas using pigment inks, I was shocked at the cost and so decided that it was time to invest in a bigger printer so as I could do it myself. Anyway, I don't often get to see where my prints end up, but I delivered and hung this one today for an absolutely delighted customer :-)

Hares (2 new items)

This summer, hares have been visiting our garden in abundance and we've recently been privileged to see a brood of leverets nursed each evening shortly after sunset ...


This summer, hares have been visiting our garden in abundance and we've recently been privileged to see a brood of leverets nursed each evening shortly after sunset ...


I'm next out on Saturday 27th July at the Colvend Producers Market at Colvend near Rockcliffe/Dalbeattie, and I hope to be at one or the other of the Dumfries and Galloway producers markets most weekends for the balance of the year.Here are the dates for the summer shows at which I'll be displaying and selling my prints -Wednesday 31st July, Stranraer Show, Stranraer Thursday 1st August, Stewartry Show, Castle DouglasFriday 2nd-Monday 5th August, Kirckudbright Arts Trail (with Scotia)Saturday 3rd August, Dumfries Show, DumfriesFriday 9th-Saturday 31st August, Devils…


Trying my hand at an outdoors market

I borrowed a 3m x 3m gazebo, made myself a banner, and took some of my printed artwork along to the local Classic Car Rally where I had a whale of a time. Lovely people, all of them ... the visiting public, the car exhibitors and my fellow traders. It was a lot of fun talking to everybody and I loved that so many people stopped to look, sometimes to ask questions or just chat, sometimes to offer approval or encouragement, and occasionally buy a print or two. In the past few months I've had people buying rolled canvasses, mounted canvasses and framed prints, to take them home to put on walls not just in Scotland, England and Ireland, but the European mainland, India, Asia and Australia too. Yesterday I was delighted to be told by a customer that my 'Rainy Day' fusion print was headed to Oklahoma ! :-) So cool 8-)