Moffat Show 2017

Three from the local agricultural show. Wet, muddy, typically Moffat really, but folk made the most of it.

My new Techart Pro and some of its adapted lenses

I've recently got hold of a Techart Pro autofocus adapter for my full frame Sony A7II. It's a third party device with a Leica M connector that exploits the excellent Sony phase detection and now allows me to use all of my adapted Minolta, Pentax and Russian M42 mount lenses with reliable autofocus. I've got the tactile physical controls you can only get with fully-manual glass, and on-board sensor stabilisation that makes them every bit as functional as camera specific OEM ones. To say that I'm chuffed is an understatement. I did a shoot yesterday with lots of moving subjects and I reckon my productivity doubled. My concern about increased battery usage was put to rest when over the course of 700 exposures in 8 hours, I used a battery and a half of juice with three spare charged batteries unused still in my bag. Awesome :-)

Lathalmond - 323

Throwback commuting at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum near Dunfermline. A vehicle lookup reveals its registration is for a 'Guy Arab II' 8.4 litre diesel bus first registered in May 1948.

Saltburn to Runswick

Saltburn is a four hour walk from Runswick, but just a 45 minute bus ride away. We followed the Cleveland Way footpath and stopped about 9 miles through for a couple of pints and a jacket potato. The sun was beating hard and my face knew all about it.

White horses

Tethered to railings of Saltburn Pier in North Yorks ... ... soft toys provided a vivid colour contrast on a rainy and gloomy summer morning.

Gold panners

Some of the people panning for gold in the burns near Leadhills and Wanlockhead.

May Day yellows

The 1st May 2017 - The last of the daffodils, the bulk of the tulips and the first of the poppies were all enjpying the Moffat sunshine


The 20th March and 12 days after sowing, the first of the seedlings are showing through. This one reminded me of a rearing snake and is the largest of the 10 that have pushed up. Its climbing tendrils like a forked tongue, are already visible.

Sweet Pea Nursery

It's the 12th March and I've just sown the seeds that I soaked overnight. I have two 4x6 seed trays containing 115 potentials planted 2 or 3 to a pot.