Devil Town

Seems that Daniel Johnston has moved back to Devil Town. Or at least, it was a bit of a surprise hearing his song's placement in the latest Apple advert. I didn't think he'd be interested in that kind of exposure, or its connotations.


Playing around with the tethering module in Capture One. I really need a longer cable !

2018 Scottish Rally stage near Moffat

A few shots of some noisy cars kicking up dust in the forest tracks at Rivox, near Moffat

Port Mulgrave

Port Mulgrave is a fascinating place for its industrial heritage and wealth of fossils. The collection of makeshift beach huts supposedly all belong to local fishermen who use the bay to harvest the sea for crabs and lobsters.

No spring chicken.

This Minolta Rokkor 55 f/1.7 is my favourite prime lens. It's even older than me, made back in the day when autofocus was still a generation away. But now, thanks to the Techart Pro adapter, it can automatically focus precisely to the reflection of my eye in a dusty mirror.

Bees in flight

Did I say, I love 'em :-)

Spring bumble bees in Moffat.

I love them. They're just soooo ... cute. Nothing bad should ever be said about bumble bees. If someone argued a proof for the existence of God, they could just say to me, "bumble bees", and I'd roll over.

The Southern Uplands (2 new items)

Photos from the local hills

The Uists

A long weekend in the Outer Hebrides taking in the islands of Eriskay, South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist and Berneray, staying in one of the UK's remotest bothies at Uisinis, and the Gatliff Trust hostels at either end of the Uists.