Nights without darkness.

This photo was taken last night at 1.00 am in the field right next to my house. In the middle of a midsummer night at high latitudes, the northern sky can be awash with the painted light of noctilucent clouds, and stars are barely visible except to the south.

Steamboat Inn at Carsethorn

Another painting from a photograph, this is the view at low tide from close to the Steamboat Inn at Carsethorn. Criffel rises beyond with a cap of cloud lit up by the summer sunset.

Another day, another flower arrangement:-)

This one will go in a black box frame like that of my 'autumn leaves' print ...

Colour negative bird strike on glass window

An unknown bird flew into a Moffat window and left its impression on the glass.

Moon and stars

The 21st January lunar eclipse.

Rockaway 2019

A return to Bognor :-)

Multishot panorama of Wanlockhead from Lowther Hill

A big image and a view of Wanlockhead from Lowther Hill. The original is 273 megapixels in size (approximately 29.5k pixels wide and 9.5k pixels tall) and it's a composite of about 20 images taken through a telephoto lens. Here I've made progressive crops. The village is about 2 miles away from the camera.

River Nith at Whitesands, Dumfries

Approximately 100 hours of work went into this painting. but I'm happy with the result as it prints very well. This framed print is about 12 inches by 36 inches and I'm also making a gallery wrap (stretched and varnished canvas on wooden bars) at 42 inches x 14 inches.

Milking Byre

Another one of my paintings. It's still work in progress, particularly on the hooves, legs and the milk pail, but getting there.