bike ride via eskdalemuir

The Moffat and Eskdalemuir loop is one of my favourite cycle rides. It's 102 km with 1800 metres of climbing so pretty hard work on the legs, but the roads are quiet and the scenery you pass by is sublime.

Samye Ling Tibetan monastery at Eskdalemuir

This is normally a coffee and cake stop, but the site is currently closed to visitors on account of CoviD-19

Observatory near Eskdalemuir

This is a jointly run observatory and laboratory used by the British Geological survey for earthquake and nuclear testing monitoring, and the Met Office for weather and climate data collection. Its remote location was chosen so as to be immune from the vibrations of day-to-day human activity.

Road junction at Ettrick

I love the dappled light from the deciduous trees in this part of the ride. The left hand turn here takes you several miles up the Ettrick Glen at the end of which is a popular bothy on the Southern Upland Way.

Bridge at the Gordon Arms

The colours were stunning in the entire vista, but especially by the river Yarrow waterside.

At Cappercleugh by St Marys Loch

Some snow patches remain on distant Cramalt Craig.

Loch of the Lowes

A small loch by the A708 which is joined to the much bigger St Marys Loch by a short stretch of the upper river Yarrow.

Field near Moffat

I just liked this scene.