Howmore hostel

On South Uist, one of the Gatliff Trust hostels was the setting for our second night's stay on the islands. Situated close to the machair, this well-equipped hostel offers plenty of bunks for travellers and great camping ground nearby for those who prefer to stay closer to the elements.

Hebridean Dawn

I'm going to add this landscape to my prints on watercolour paper. The long dawn light in this picture, the collection of ruins and its atmosphere is quintessentially Hebridean.

A mile long ski run down from the top.

Off the community built and run ski slope on Lowther Hill, lush spring snow and a long ski run.

A happy crowd on Lowther Hill

Our home-made rope tow on Lowther Hill is well used when the weather is fair at the weekend.

Top of Lowther Hill rope tow

A late season bonanza on Lowther Hill.

Sony A7II and Minolta MD 35-70 f/3.5


Craig on the skin up the curiously named 'Hammerhead' in the lowly Broughton Hills between Moffat and Edinburgh.

Mid-winter on the Lowther nursery slopes

Skiers finishing for the day at Leadhills.

Sony A7II and Minolta MD 35-70 f/3.5

By the Tail Burn

Near to Moffat's Grey Mare's Tail waterfall.

GMT Reserve

The National Trust information A-Boards sit in the snow in the inaccessible car park.

Sony A7II and Minolta MD 35-70 f/3.5

The portable tows started !!

First skiable snows for the 2017/2018 season, and the portable rope tow is running :-)

Sony A7II and Minolta MD 50 f/1.4


Minolta MD 35-70 3.5 on Sony A7 II

ground floor

The ground floor exhibition in Glasgow's gallery of modern art.

Sony A7II and Minolta MD 35-70 f/3.5