La Maison Normande and the Cantal, France

A long overdue stay with good friends in the French Cantal.

Rockaway 2022

Long awaited, and not disappointed :-)

Aurora (3 new items)

Some aurora pix from Moffat and its surroundings.

Saddle Yoke - 22nd Feb 2021

Blackhope Glen and Saddle Yoke via Whirly Gill.

Loch Skeen in winter

February 11th 2021, the weather has been cold for a while and Loch Skeen is in its winter coat.


A heather and scree gully climb to the summit of Carrifran Gans.

Pix from the markets

Despite its challenges, thanks to an investment in a sturdy gazebo, 2020 offered me lots of opportunities to show and sell my pictures.

Bumblebees framed

I've been working on this picture over the past few weeks, inspired by Moffat's wild meadow spring and early summer flowers so loved by the bumble bees. As the gloomy nights draw in, it's worth remembering that it's less than six months until the clocks go forward for British Summertime. This is the first of the prints I've made and I've been experimenting with frames, but think it looks good in this ivory matted white one. The print is 8" x 11" (frame is about 13"x16") and it will see its first outing this weekend at Colvend and Kirkcudbright farmers markets.