East Mount Lowther

A fabulous form on this hill, and one I look forward to skiing in future.

Grim weather

Late 2014, even more digging in the rain. Anjo and Bruce Wilkinson from Cumbria trying to keep up their spirits in the damp conditions.

Des helping with the clear up

Volunteer Des Reid at a work party in December 2015.

Chris on the summit

On Lowther Hill summit, volunteer and snowboarder, Chris Penny, takes it all in.

Portable tow

First used in January 2014, we run several of these petrol powered portable ski rope tows which can be moved to the snow at short notice.

Nursery slopes

Families enjoy the slopes at the golf course in Leadhills.

Anjo towing out bits of debris

Clearing up the wrecked cabin..

Below Whiteside

The 'Magnetic Gully' attracts things that we would rather stayed put.

Panorama from Lowther Hill

The ski slopes, gully, loch and around to Green Lowther.

Making adjustments

Thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters, we successfully crowdfunded our webcams and got them installed and set-up with the freely given time and expertise of the Inverness based Alan Mackay of winterhighland, a linchpin of the Scottish skiing world.


This is where the camera views come from.

Webcam grab after Storm Desmond

Pieces of portacabin can be seen bottom right of the picture.

Warm and cold

Sometimes the sun can thaw the west facing slopes and leave others deeply frozen.

Wanlockhead and the hills

Thaws come and go, but the light and colours between snowfalls can be sublime.

Snow after Storm Desmond

Colder conditions commonly follow the end of the late autumn/early winter storm season. Here we're on the hill beginning the clean-up.

Wanlockhead village

Just after sunset, the Wanlockhead village lights can be well seen from Lowther Hill.

A Lowther Hill sunset

Looking west from Lowther Hill to sunset over the mountains on the island of Mull.

View north west

I identified the hills of the Highlands on the picture I took on a superbly clear evening in April 2015.

Drift by the ski tow.

The shortcleuch gully provides a natural rollover which promotes the formation of deep drifts above it.

From Whiteside, sunset over East Mount Lowther

The Southern Upland Way long distance path leads off the summit, crosses the ridge and runs to Lowther Hilll before descending to Wanlockhead.