A Sunday stroll

A walk around Moffat with son number one.

Sun through the trees

We were climbing steeply up through the forest when the sun broke through for a minute or two. Otherwise, the day was drab and grey.

Rain-filled vehicle tracks

The snow that was lying yesterday has all melted away, and the fields have returned to winter squelch.

A wall, some corrugated steel and a fence.

Son one spotted these nice colours.

Seedy film by the roadside. I'm sure it has its own sleazy story.

Sleazy city Seedy films Breathing so heavy Next to my neighbour Let's get acquainted Getting to know you Feeling sleazy In seedy sin city Feeling sleazy In seedy sin city

Sleazy city Sleepy people Down in your alleys Seems that anything goes Blue films flicker Hands of a stranger Getting to know you And I'm getting to like you

Hey isn't that you on the screen Isn't that you on the screen (No that's not me)

Magic mushrooms

Looking a bit sorry for themselves, they're rather weathered and rotten.

Welcome to Moffat

Part of the Moffat Cottage Hospital sign, lit by floodlight.