Porridge Cairn from Megget Stone

A short ski tour with Craig from the Megget Stone in the Moffat/Tweedsmuir Hills. Lean snow conditions with most of the recent snowfall to be found at road level where it had been blasted off the hills by storm force blizzards. A few pockets of nice snow but mostly combat skiing. Nevertheless, we kept our skis on for the whole trip, skinning up from and skiing back to the parked cars.

At the Megget Stone

Journey start, and the sky was still blue.

Looking east to Cramalt

A funky sky, but some nice snow. The south western slope of Cramalt beyond is bare.

Looking west.

Part of the ubiquitous Clyde Wind Farm near Gathersnow and Culter sprawls across the horizon.

At sunset

The snow was patchy. Our skiing was mostly of the 'combat' variety through a dusting amongst the moss and heather between small pockets, wreaths and drifts of grabby, slabby, wind-beaten white.

Approaching the cars

Just a hundred metres of vertical to go, our cars parked below. There's little more can be done on this surface than ski traverse, kick turn, ski traverse, kick turn and repeat until safely down. Attempting to ski it fluidly is a recipe for broken knees.