Cramalt Craig from Megget

Sunshine and lollipops, rainbows and lemon drops ... well, sunshine at least, and great snow in the Moffat and Tweedsmuir Hills. A wee tour on beautiful snow from Megget to Cramalt Craig, and I was a pussy cat lapping up the sunshine on milder slopes while Pete launched himself off cornices onto the steeps.

Cramalt from St Marys Loch

The hills from beside St Marys Loch.

Start of the day

The obligatory day start photo. Around 11.30 am at Megget reservoir.

On the track up

Cramalt beckons, Pete eyes up the cornice in the big bowl, and the sun is beating down.

Moutain hares

Two hares in winter coats bobbing further and further upslope as we climbed.

Checking out the snow

Pete's off to get a closer look.

Nice snow

And Pete's happy with what he sees :-)

Pete dropping the cornice

No easy way in, so why not just drop it.

Full bowl

I'm led to believe the snow was awesome, dude.


One of my pussy cat lines. I prefer to keep my feet on terra firma, I like the sunshine and I like to see where I'm going.

View SE from Dun Law

Panorama over the south east from Dun Law.

Under Dun Law

Beautiful powder under Dun Law. Proper hero snow.

At the bottom

Tracks got a bit claggy lower down though, the snow had succombed to warmth and crusting.

Snow track

A cat track piste all for me :-) On the way out back to the car.

Ski tracks

Looking back to Dun Law.