Broughton Hills

3rd March 2018 - Finally a day off work and with the road past our house cleared of snow, I was able to get the van out of Moffat. I headed up to Broughton, somewhere I've wanted to ski for a long time, being a regular spot for hill running because the hills there are picturesque, not too high, and reward hungry people with scooby snacks in the village. Visibility wasn't great, and like elsewhere, most of the snow had been blown down to the roads. Nevertheless, decent lines were available on WSW aspects with continuous snow from the car park to access them. We did a few laps of some excellently named tops including one called 'Hammerhead', and skied all the way back to the car park in Broughton just as the weather closed in. Finished off with coffee and a toastie in the lovely Laurel Bank Bistro


Light blowing snow and flat light, but Craig enjoys the nice, longish ski down back towards Broughton.


Craig on the skin up the curiously named 'Hammerhead' in the lowly Broughton Hills between Moffat and Edinburgh.