Saltburn to Runswick

Saltburn is a four hour walk from Runswick, but just a 45 minute bus ride away. We followed the Cleveland Way footpath and stopped about 9 miles through for a couple of pints and a jacket potato. The sun was beating hard and my face knew all about it.

Saltburn station arches

Just off the bus and waiting for a light breakfast to fry.

Saltburn station greengrocer

Some nice wee shops in the alcoves and alleys of the station building.

Saltburn cliff railway

Supposedly the oldest operating water-balance cliff lift in the world (when it's operating) ...

The Ship, Saltburn

On the southern edge of town, just before the haul up to Huntcliff.

On Huntcliff

Perhaps a memorial to the two lads who fell to their deaths from this cliff in March 2017.

Hunt Cliff Reserve

At various points on this section of the Cleveland Way are information signs providing a background to the history, flora, fauna and geology along the walk.


Unknown feature on the low tide sands below. There was no evidence of it being a man-made artefact.


Warsett Hill beyond


The railway that terminates at Boulby Mine makes a loop against the Hunt Cliff.


I wasn't paying any notice to its origin but its provenance is documented here ...

Mine vent

Across the wheat, the shell of a former mine vent stands evidence to recent mining activity.


The sunlight picked out the various colours of sea-washed sand, cloud against blue sea, fields of kelp on the beach and grasses on the land.

Standing stones

Before the descent to Skinningrove.

Skinningrove Jetty

Once a military defence, now a coastal defence.

Tractor !

On the lane out of Skinningrove front.

Skinningrove Beach

Looking back from the climb out towards Staithes


On the highest point of the Boulby Cliffs, were a few odd roots, stumps and branches. And a million Calder Bees.

Boulby cliff edge

Some nicely (and precipitously) sited houses near the cliffs between Boulby and something marked on the OS map as 'Cowbar'.

Staithes from above

Staithes looked very 'chocolate box'.

Port Mulgrave

When I return to Runswick, a close-up visit to Port Mulgrave is on my to-do list. Evidently, this was both a mining station served by an underground railway, and a fishing port too.

Ambition fulfilled May 2018 :-) Photos ...