Hunterheck Forest

The plantation east of Moffat was established 40-50 years ago and is, in parts, on its second planting. On a sweltering day, the trees provide welcome refuge from hungry, biting clegs.

Hunterheck Hill summit cairn

A memorial to someone who obviously once enjoyed sunset views from this spot. The trees completely surround the summit and rise to 30 degrees above the horizon so a sunrise or sunset view is impossible now.

Colours in the forst

The dappled sunlight lasted for the first 45 minutes of my walk, revealing the reds of the pine needles and barks

Light and shadow.

On the outskirts of the plantation, older natural woodland still thrives.

Storm Damage

When I moved to Moffat 12 years ago, network of paths ran through the forests allowing walkers access, but year by year, more trees fall across the routes and now, in many places, it's all but impossible to make any progress on what were waymarked routes.

Frenchlands haymaking

On Frenchlands Fields. The hot and dry weather has allowed grass to be cut and dried.