Glasgow gallery of modern art

I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot a morning gathering in Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art but had a half hour in the afternoon to look around before the bus left to take me back to Moffat. There are some great and thought provoking works on display but it's the amalgam of old and new architecture c/w with soft and sympathetic lighting that adds to the gallery's attraction.


In Glasgow's GoMA.

Sony A7II and Minolta MD 50 f/1.4

ground floor

The ground floor exhibition in Glasgow's gallery of modern art.

Sony A7II and Minolta MD 35-70 f/3.5

Stephen Sutcliffe's 'No - after Steinberg'

I'd forgotten I'd photographed this piece. It's beautifully analogue compared to say the Little Britain 'computer says no' sketch. This brought to mind something from the 1970's (and a photo book rich in symbolism by Ian Lee called 'The Apostrophe Theory') but was actually created in 2011, modelled on a penned cartoon, from a timeless notion that's spawned all sorts of memes and media.