An old Kodak pocket camera

I bought this for £4 at a car boot sale in Dumfries today. It's not a valuable antique, but it's in great condition for its early 1930's vintage, and I hope I'm looking this good when I'm nearly 90 years old. It's strange to think that most of the people seen through its lens are gone now.

In its case

The camera weighs about 600 gm and measures 18 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm. It's bigger and heavier than my Sony A7II.

Portrait right

Folded out, the camera has a wee tab that helps it to stand level in portrait mode.

Portrait left

Its viewfinder can tilt through 90 degrees to accommodate landscape photos too.

Sony A7II and Minolta MD 50 f/2

Head shot.

The shutter has 4 speed modes. An open until shut, a 'bulb' mode, and 1/25 and 1/100 second speeds.

Flat pack

The folded flat camera assembly outwith its film box.


The camera isn't really usable. Although the bellows are intact, they are leaking light at the folds.