Culter Fell





A post-Christmas 2016 amble through the hills around Coulter reservoir near Biggar. The Clyde Wind Farm is encroaching all around Culter itself with turbines being erected on the immediately adjacent hills, but some views are still turbine free.

Rough track by Culter reservoir

This track to the SW of the reservoir soon peters out. We struck a line up towards Dod Hill.

Turbine tower on Dod Hill

The track meanders through the low ground with occasional glimpses of the tops around us.


Looking SW from near Dod Hill, the turbines extend across Camps towards the Lowthers.

Construction sites

All along the 30 metre wide tracks were newly erected turbine towers with Siemens site offices and hired plant.


These generators are ready to be lifted in place. The sound of a diesel generator, perhaps temporariy powering tower-top lights for civil aviation requirements seemed somewhat out of place in the context of an electrical grid connected network.

Hillshaw Head

Seen from 'The Bank' towards Hillshaw Head, and Gathersnow rising to the left, the pace at which these hills are being industrialised is almost frantic.

Culter Reservoir from above

On Gathersnow, Tinto rising beond.

Gathersnow Hill

I quite like the shadows and converging lines here.

Sunlight on Culter Fell

Descending Glenwhappen Rig towards Holm Nick, a few granite extrusions push out of the steep, wet ground.

East facing corrie on Culter Fell

The town of Biggar in the background. The steep ground held onto some snow. The winter so far has been dry with few storms and mostly mild air. This snow is a legacy from 'Storm Conor'.

Culter summit

The hill beyond the OS trig point is an outlier to Culter named Chapelgill Hill.

Kings Beck

The ground drops away steeply all around the north face of Culter.

Fell Shin from Culter

The wind was cold and biting as we made our way back to the glen.